Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am warm...

This is dedicated to a glowing reader who really liked a post titled "I am cold" from my old blog.
She inspires me to keep blogging like no other.

Morning crept up on me. A long night of sleep felt like a 15 minute nap.
I used to sit by the window every morning and just stare out into the yard...
The cold used to sting me to numbness and I loved it, I stayed there for months unmoving and immobile. Frozen.
I'm not like that now. I know better.
The cold inches in anyway but I try not to feel its bite, I try not to shiver at its chill.
Still the frown forms when the image jumps in front of my eyes.
The tree has grown taller, its few bare branches have spanned into many.
Into hunching, curving, draping limbs that drown the entire yard in their shadows.
And with their sun eclipsing leaves, casting only sparsely sprinkled drops of light onto the grass.
But still, somehow, shards of sunlight manage to slip into the room, stride across the floor to me, bringing heat that cuts and blinds.
They leap off the walls and bounce back out the window, slip under the thin air and then dissolve into nothing, leaving me to defrost--warm and all alone.


  1. Oh my goodness... this feels like a pivotal piece for you. A rite of passage, not in the traditional sense of age progression, but your soul's evolution into deeper wisdom. I love the idea that at multiple levels of consciousness, you are making a choice about light that will affect the entirety of your life. I also love the absence of "have-to," and that you are still in a state of gentle allowing whatever is, the ebb, the flow, the shadow, the light, whatever it is. Just noticing and allowing but still with an openness to an apparent higher intention. Mmmmmm... So good.

    My favorite part of the entire piece is your visual, physical, and emotive ending, which brings us back full-circle to your original post about the cold. These two pieces reminds me of those poets who write an initial poem and then answer it with a second. Hmm... I like that idea.

    Thank-you so much for the dedication. The feeling is very mutual. You totally inspire me every single day, even when I'm not writing. (I'm always writing, I just don't always share it).

    I might post a response to your beautiful concept of "I Am Warm," on my blog. It's kind of personal, so I'll have to think about it. Maybe I will "try not to shiver at its chill" and do it anyway. :) Merci, mon ami.

  2. every piece of me fits into the broken splinters of reflective glass
    the face staring back at me isnt mine
    i dont know who it is, this stranger with my eyes
    i cant bear to get rid of it,
    it holds my past
    i cant bear to look at it,
    every different angle of my life screaming at me
    so i just leave it there
    covered up
    but still there

  3. That's a lovely piece, thank you for sharing your words:) I hope you continue to be inspired to bring beautiful words to life!

  4. This is exquisite writing. :) It's funny that the title is "I am warm" but I feel cold reading it.


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