Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A message

dear friend, i think i can understand your loneliness. sometimes i’m so afraid to cry. because i think i’m scared that when i’m done crying no one will be there to hold me tight. sometimes i also feel so desperate that i want to take anything that will cover up this emptiness in my heart, but we must be careful. i hope you’ll be careful. please don’t do anything that will harm you. i am so grateful that you took the time to write this, and i am so grateful that it was me who you decided to write to. i am not sure if my words can help you, but i wish with all my heart that it will give you a bit of peace, at least. just know this, although i’m sure that i cannot completely and fully understand you (no one can), i know a part of what it feels to go through that. and though it’s ridiculously hard to believe, i don’t think we’re as lonely as we think we are. there is still love in the air. i promise you that. hold on tight. just know that tonight i will be thinking about you. know that i will keep you in my heart. because sometimes it feels good to know that even though sometimes there is no one to hold your hand, there is someone who is thinking about you and hoping the best for you and sending you love. stay strong <3
--via tree castles


  1. Beautiful words, and very true ♥

  2. Everyone should have a friend like that...even if it is themselves...

  3. Beautiful words :) Like I said before, you will find your true friends and they understand you better than most people ,including the people who are always around you .Maybe they live far away , but your souls are alike, every time you think about them, you would feel happy and less lonely.)

  4. now that is a friend.. spoken from the heart.

  5. dearest, you have no idea how much this means to me. when i read your comment, i felt so good. as i write this, my sight is getting slightly blurred by tears.
    i wrote an email to a friend a month ago about my dreams. i told her that i wanted to write. i don't want money nor fame with my writing... all i want is for my writing to make people dream and imagine. i want to know that somewhere someone was touched by my words. it didn't matter if it was a whole nation or an entire state... just knowing that somewhere there is someone out there who understood and felt something inside his or heart while they read my words was all that my heart desired. whenever i think about this dream of mine, i always think about the future.
    but, dearest, you made me realize that i am making my dreams come true right now and that this is it! i am writing in my blog and writing little notes back on formspring in tumblr and i did not realize that i am doing what my heart desires... i am sharing my little dreamworld with others. and through this, i realized that i have done something special.
    it makes my heart full of gratitude and hope. i want to thank you kindly and dearly for letting me know about this.
    it feels so wonderful right now as i sit here typing this to you. i want to give you a hug. :)

    also, thanks for following on tumblr. i wish i could thank every follower on tumblr one by one just like how i am thanking you.
    and i'm sorry that my reply was a bit late. i have a tendency of writing back late. sometimes it's because i wait for the right words to really come out from my heart... i want them to be honest and sincere to dear people like you. my words may not always be grammatically correct, perfect, nor eloquent, but i do like my writing to be honest and full of love.

    i do appreciate you. i hope you know that.

    much love,


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