Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One day

One day soon I will walk out, journal in hand, fingers marked with black ink and I will smile.

I won't hide these words anymore.
I won't tuck them under books and pretend that they're just notes.
I won't glance around, worrying, terrified that someone saw me writing.
I will be proud and shameless.
These words will be my own, they will speak my truth.
And finally the outside will match the inside.


  1. I love these words. "These words will be my own, they will speak my truth.And finally the outside will match the inside."This is so true.

    Sometimes truth hurts . And always following the truth is not easy and happy. So many people quit looking for the truth to be happy. This kind of happiness is based on ignorance.

    Keep writting, use your own words to seek the truth, and the outside will match the inside .:)

  2. We hide our honest feelings from others, but why? Is it because we feel they'll judge, or that it solidifies the thoughts and words as true if another person hears them?

    We do have our lives. Thanks for reminding me. It gets dark sometimes.

  3. In the soul of your soul, you are a writer. A poet, if I may be so bold. And nothing touches the nerve of vulnerability like admitting that truth and sharing it aloud.

    I am so sincerely serious when I say that your words matter and that I am filled with a sense of connectedness and at-home-ness reading them. You are gifted, not just in the talented sense. Many people have talent with writing. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about your presence that shines through the words. From the inside to the outside.

    I remember a poem my boyfriend and I used to quote in college. It was a French poem called "Le Oiseau." I can't remember it in it's entirety, but it spoke something about a artist who painted this entire landscape for a bird. The thing was, the artist could not paint the bird itself. The artist could not force the bird. The artist had to wait for the bird to arrive, to make the painting real and come alive.

    We've all seen paintings that are perfectly done but contain no real verve or light. Instrument playing is the same. Sometimes people are as such as well. Perfect in appearance and behavior, but just lacking that "le oiseau." (That's what my friend and I always call it now).

    I sense le oiseau in your writing more and more all the time, and I am drawn in by it and inspired by it. Even the small entries you share are brilliant. I will take your lead and write something tonight, even though I too sometimes wonder if it matters. Merci.

  4. Hello. :) These words are beautiful. I can understand the longing in the love for writing and the need for creating truth. This really is amazing.

  5. Never be ashamed to be a writer. You are beautiful and brilliant. I adored this post. :)

  6. I wish more than ever, that I could pull out my journal in class and write in it. Without worrying that other people will see it or see what I'm writing.

    Its hard to fit in when everyone else is so different.
    Your posts are so deep, and inspiring. Be sure to keep writing.


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