Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 feels so far away

"It’s scary, you know, when you see your own life to be a repetition of someone else’s. Because you know what’s going to happen to you; you know how you will end; this life has already been lived and you feel like a fading copy of the original."
—Glory Szabo, as seen here on

as seen here; via

"I had never met anybody who did it in the way that she did. It was so totally self-destructive — it was the way she dealt with herself too... It took a lot of ducking and diving to put up with her. She had to see you weren’t going to hit her back. I didn’t need to hit her: she was doing it all for me. So I was just her friend. She would take you and pow, just to see what you would do. If you didn’t get mad, then she’d begin to trust. But when she started to trust you, she’d feel guilty, pow, just for no reason."
— Photographer John Stember, from Thing of Beauty by Stephen Fried.

It's scary.
How someone else can remind you so much of yourself.


  1. This post gave me chills. The quotes...the photos...Gia was so beautiful and frightening and tragic. And in small ways, I think a lot of us can find a bit of ourselves in her. This is an amazing tribute. xoxo


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