Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rain in July

If you could go back three years ago as the person you are today and talk to the person you were then, would you? What would you say? What would you say to the girl with the rift inside, the cracked ice of the frozen lake, that felt like two different people overlapping, blurring the lines, ripping her apart? Would you try to stop that feeling from seeping in like invisible gas, the one that would make you stand on that dock by lake all night wrapped in a jean jacket with your fingers colder than the metal buttons? Would you try and stop your old self from vanishing like marks on a dry erase board? Would you answer the phone when those friends called, the ones who had stopped loving you when all the marks were gone and the board was blank and you were still unsure of your true colors and hesitant to start again?

by Saria Dy

Would you tell her not to cry the next year when she came home from her birthday party because she wasn't alone, just lonely and that loneliness would pass, even if it seemed like it would last forever? Would you warn her of the next two winters because they would be hard? Would you hold out your arms and tell her, "Oh yes, those winters will be hard, they will cut you, and you will bleed but you will live and May flowers will come and that's when you'll know that the scars spread over your arms are proof that it does get better?"


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful writing.
    Hmm I'm madly curious to know what your answer to all these questions would be, but I guess that's part of the mystery and beauty of the piece? Well done as usual aha :)

  2. this sounds rather similar to my story, and the words are so deeply right. a little chill.

  3. Hey :)

    ...and yes I would, I'd tell her to be WISE with her friends, career choices, and not to be so easily to "burn bridges".

    ALso, I gave you "Prom Queen" Blog award.

  4. I would go back, i think in someways, I would do it all again,
    make the mistakes which made me bleed.
    and save the people I couldn't before.

  5. The past makes us who we are today, so although all the bad times made me cry, I like to think I am closer to my dream than I was before.

  6. This post made me cry. Seriously. It is so beautiful and so heartbreakingly realistic. Three years (for most of us) can really change a person. These past three years have been so difficult for me...there are a lot of things I wish I could warn my 2007 self about...

  7. lovely pictures, even more poignant and beautiful writing!


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