Tuesday, October 12, 2010


clouds taste metallic by -raccoonology

I'm writing you a letter of all the things I should have said these past 3 years. I'm stringing all the letters into one, pages and pages that your hands can crawl across, trails of sentences that your fingers can walk through. I will try to hand you the memories but there's only so much I can cram in between the lines, there's only so much I can show you. I left them on your front porch, wrapped up in manila envelopes. It rained that afternoon and the black ink splotched. Your name ran down the steps and left a puddle on the Welcome Home mat.


  1. OH:(

    Some girl (Oh I don't know how to address you better! I wish I know!), your post always makes me feel like I want to hug you and say, "Hey, it's OK" although I know it's not OK.

    It is always gruesomely tiring to pour away all the memories, that used to happen to me as well. Luckily that day has passed.


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