Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maybe nothing

CK: I don't want to create a product. And I think a lot of what happens in the movie business is accepted: This is a product, and this will be marketed, and it will make people feel a certain way, and it'll leave the theater, and it'll go through a series of steps that are predetermined and formulaic. That precludes the possibility that you're going to create a work of art or a work that's expansive, and so I take that out of the equation, because I want something to be expansive, and because I feel people put crap into the world constantly in the media and in politics and in all sorts of public areas. And they lie. They constantly lie, and that creates a cynical, suspicious, alienated population of people, and I don't want to participate in it. I want to do something that, for whatever it's worth, maybe nothing, is at least what I think about things.
And maybe that's helpful to somebody.
—Charlie Kaufman


  1. Though this is about movies, I feel this sums up the issues with 'reality vs media-and-all-the-bull-shit-it-throws-at-us' in our world these days.


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