Sunday, March 6, 2011

Take a second, take a year

I know you feel it again; the waves are sidling up. I know you can feel the water rising up your neck, covering your lips, filling your nose. This sea that you tried to freeze, to contain is dissenting and now it's rising. You can feel yourself drowning. And you want so badly to let go. Don't you ever get a break or a moment to be off duty or a second to not be cool or funny or witty? You could wrap this sea around you like a blanket, pull it over your head and just sleep for a while because what you were didn't follow you in dreams. There you become a swirl of fuzzy colors and moving scenes, dizzying faces with asynchronous voices.


  1. i love reading not only your posts but your comments.
    you're one of the few bloggers that i really empathise with, one of the few who always semms to understand what i've written
    this just sums it up so completely.
    i think i'll print it out and keep it in my notebook

  2. I think you are very, very talented.
    That's all

  3. I quite understand that you like blurry photos. Isn't his like your swirl of fuzzy color?:)

  4. I couldn't agree more with Emily. You are very talented indeed. I very much enjoyed reading your words.


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