Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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I stepped down into the little cardboard town.
All day and night we were posing.
I did not need to water or cut
Our plastic lawn, and I gave up shaving because
In my beloved's world no hair or green thing grew.
My teeth were exquisitely white,
My body fat absolutely zero.
We dressed from wardrobes without end,
And drove our pink convertible to the river each day.

One might think that we yearned for some controversy,
A little spice mixed into the bland stew of our days.
In fact, we were deliriously happy, content with our clothes
And gadgets, determined to look out
At the world's woe through the wise eyes of toys.

—"At Home With Dollface" by Robert McDowell


  1. I loved The History of Love as well. I wasn't as lucky to have found it as cheaply as you did, but it was worth it all the same :)


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