Friday, March 19, 2010


I never write fiction. But today I wrote a little story. Or rather a fragment of a little story. Writing fiction makes me feel extremely self-conscious for some reason. I don't know why. Nonfiction always seemed like the natural thing for me to do. I lived through something and then I wrote about it...

I'm thinking about posting the little story here but I don't know.


  1. Oh come on post some stories here!!!Your writting is excellent, and I am sure there are so many beautiful stories in your head, you are so talented.

  2. Free your fiction! :) I am the same way. Autobiographical flows more easily for me. Hmm... You are so intuitive and sensitive. Maybe you could really get inside your character, and then write from his/her perspective, just like you do for yourself. Does that make sense? You could develop your characters this way. I might try it myself...

    P.S. I LOVE that you gave me an award, by the way. I am going to post about it soon. Hugs.


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