Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out on a ledge

Feeling lost in a foreign country again and I don't speak the language. I tried to eat dinner tonight but my mouth wouldn't stop trembling.
It was supposed to be better.
There's a stack in my room a foot and a half high of catalogs and letters. I sat in the corner this afternoon, staring at all the different lives I could have.
Put them in a hat, shake it up and pull one out, they told us.
I dumped 3 bottles of pills that I never took down the sink last month and I watched the sink froth and the water tint red and white.
I thought that I could do this but I just don't know anymore.


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  2. 'Feeling lost in a forgiegn country and I don't speak the language'
    That's beautiful, though i can't say i know what you're going through, I've found that if you fake it till you make can work.
    But even if you do that I suppose you're just pulling away even more, losing yourself even more.
    It's okay if you get lost, but don't lose yourself because that's something you may never relocate.

    With love,

  3. Im really gald that my chessey post made you happy, this post feels almost dream like you know, vivid and misty. But beautiful. I hope things start to feel fimillar again soon.

  4. So many beautiful images sprung to life in my mind as I read this. Sad but beautiful

  5. This has the most bittersweet feeling. love it.


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