Monday, August 30, 2010


  1. I hate how reliant I become on continuity, but I do.
    And then something shifts and I have to start again, and I swear it won't be like the last time.
    Easier said than done I guess.
    With love,

  2. I always thought change as this big gloomy overlord of terror, i still kinda do. But just because you dont know where you are, doesnt mean your lost, you might like what you find...
    or some shit...what do i know.

  3. Wether or not it's how you meant it the way I read those words, this is so appropriate to my life right now.

  4. my sister is going through this heavy right now.
    this really hits me. cause presently i don't even know what to do anymore!

    And yes, the picture is from Brick! I'll have to let you borrow it!

  5. "6 years that felt like forever...."
    it's like you wrote this post for/about me.

    and no, I haven't read any of Salinger's short stories, although I want to get ahold of some! any you would recommend in particular? oh and what did you think of Franny and Zooey?

  6. Sigh... hello, how are you?

    When the scenery of the windows was even rolling fast, and you know that you just can't stop it unless you dare to jump out from the train, you feel terrible. And lost, that's so true..

  7. Oh how I had missed your blog... just coming back here makes me feel better and less lonely in a way :)
    I'll remind myself to come around more often now.

  8. an amazing quote, I've picked up The Stranger
    {the book} so many times and always decide not
    to buy it - now I shall.

    s. girl, please come by poemflesh2.blogspot and
    join in the EatLovePray give-away.


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