Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sept 18 2009 9:35am
It's true that the music used to linger like the scent of your hair, clinging to the corners of the room like cobwebs. Music was a slow tornado that drifted in one day and swept us both up. And we were somewhere in the middle, with songs swirling around us and lyrics whispering to us like the wind, with nothing to hold onto except air. It felt so infinite but I knew that one day it would blow away, that we were caught in the center of a dying whirlwind, that one day we'd fall from the sky and when we did, I knew that we'd both hit the ground.


  1. I wonder how you felt when you wrote this..

  2. to feel infinite </3 and to have it blown away, such a tragedy.
    Beautiful piece as always.


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